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Terms & Conditions

NO CONTENT on Italy Best or any other Mira Digital website can be used without our permission! And we do not give permission to use our content! We are using our own photography and stock photos, but if we use visual content from the internet, we give the credit upon request to whom it belongs!

It is against the law and DMCA policy to steal or republish our content without permission! If we do find our content on other websites, we are going to do the legal steps we need if you don’t remove the content right away!

Affiliate Marketing

Italy Best, as well as all other Mira Digital websites, we work with affiliate partners. This means that we promote our partners in our articles, and if you do click through and make a purchase or a reservation, we will earn a commission based on that. This is not affecting our readers in any way, nor the price they pay would change if they click through to one of our affiliate partners. This is an agreement between us and our partners strictly, with no effect on you.

Italy Best Affiliate Partners:

Privacy Policy & Email Newsletters

By subscribing to our newsletters on Italy Best, or any other website you will share your email address and name with us. We guarantee not to pass on this information to any third party. We respect your privacy!

If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletters, you can always do that with the subscription link provided in our newsletters. Once you unsubscribe, we will remove completely your information from our database!


Our writers are fully credited for their articles, except if they were one of our partners who are not with us anymore. Those articles are being completely rewritten and updated, so we give the credit to whom updated the article. Especially because all our articles were crafted and planned by our owner and editor (Helga Dosa), so the writers who work on this website are not getting full autonomy! The editor decides what to be included in the articles, and the editor picks the 5-10-15-20-25 best things that get published on whatever topics.

Italy Best, as well as all other Mira Digital Websites, contain external links that can be either affiliate links, either links to other websites, online shops, booking platforms, resources, or those who advertise with us. By clicking on any of these links you will be redirected to these partner websites. Please note that these links can contain cookies, to track the number of clicks on different links! This is not something that would affect you, but it’s for our statistics.


Old articles still have comment boxes, but the new ones don’t have them. We don’t accept spam comments, those who try to get a backlink through commenting, and as usual, commenting is not something we allow on our posts. If you have notes on any article, you can always contact us via or on our Instagram page.

For companies

Please note that comments with advertisement content that point to other companies or websites are not even considered to be approved. If you want to advertise with us, you can always contact us at Though, please note that on Italy Best we collaborate only with Italy-based, or Italy-related companies!

Social Media

Every article has a social media sharing button, and we are very grateful for each and every one of you who shares our content on social channels!

Please note that the same terms & conditions are applicable to my content on all social media networks and also please consider the terms and policies each social media platform has!

Please avoid using my content for your business or other activities! We already found many who violated our Terms&Conditions and we will continue monitoring this!

Our websites are using cookies. These are little pieces of data, which remain stored on visitors’ hard drives. This helps Google Analytics to track how many visitors the website had, and what pages/articles they check. This is not violating anyone’s privacy, no personal data is delivered to the website’s owner! If you don’t want Google to track if you visit a website, on the internet platform settings you can block the cookies!

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